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Play free blackjack at these online casinos and learn how to play the game to your advantage. Blackjack offers the best odds over any other casino game within the online casinos. You should play blackjack using the basic blackjack strategy which gives you the best overall odds while play the casino games. Play free blackjack online and practice playing the game with a basic strategy before making a deposit. These casinos offer different varieties of blackjack. Choose whichever one that you are most familiar with.

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Royal Vegas Casino has 390 online casino games, over $1 million in jackpots, and a variety of blackjack games. You can play free blackjack with the same rules that you’ll find in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. You’ll receive over $1,000 in free bonuses on first 10 deposits.

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Free Online Blackjack – Betting Tips

Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy

One of the first times I played blackjack at a live casino, I was dealt 12. The average player sees this hand and thinks just like I did that there is only one card value that can beat me, a 10. Of course, there are four 10′s, 4 jacks, queens and kings in the deck, all waiting to bust a player who hits on 12, not to mention the ace, just waiting in the wings to turn your 12 into a not-so-lovely 13. So in short, learning when to double, and when not to double, would have saved me from the embarrassment of having the dealer contact security to have my strange bet approved.


Basic strategy also covers when to bet on which blackjack hand. Playing free blackjack online then provides players with the perfect venue to perfect their use of basic strategy rules.


Cancel Your Insurance Policy

While you’re playing free blackjack online, I want you to try a little expierement. Buy insurance 100 times. Then track how many of those times buying insurance paid off. You’ll find that the insurance bet is one way that the casino increases it’s edge over the player. Meaning it’s how they make certain that they win more than the players do.


The only reason buying insurance might make sense is if you’re a very skilled card counter, playing a single deck game somewhere where card counting is still advantageous. Since we’re talking about playing free blackjack online, let me just tell you now, it’s not possible to count cards online.


Utilize a Blackjack Betting Strategy

When you’re playing at free money blackjack sites you have the perfect opportunity to tinker with various betting strategies. For instance, the Martingale betting strategy. Here’s how it works:  

If you bet the $5 on a losing hand of blackjack, you’d double that bet, covering your loss, and hopefully profiting on the next hand. So now your bet is $10. If this hand wins, you can start back over at $5. If it loses however, you’d bet double the $10 bet, so your bet would be $20.


The problem with the Martingale betting system is that eventually the bets are going to get to big for you to cover. However, there are dozens of betting strategies out there, and some of them are really plausible options for blackjack players. While you’re playing free blackjack is the best time to find the strategies online that seem to make the most sense to you.