Free Online Craps

Play free online craps and learn how to play the game to your advantage. These online casinos offer a craps game that is almost the same as playing craps in Vegas. The best way to learn more about craps is by playing it for free over the Internet. You can sign-up as a guest player at any of these casinos and practice playing the game using the different bets until you feel comfortable to start playing Internet craps for real money.

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Craps is one of the most fun games in any casino either land based or online. One of the best things about the game is that it’s easy to jump in and make a few bets while you learn. Most people begin playing craps one of two ways, either by way of being dragged over to a live game in a casino with a bunch of drunken buddies, which I’ll admit here and now is the most fun way to go, albeit not the least expensive; or by visiting an online casino that offers virtual tables where players can play free craps games online.


The first bet made by most craps players is simply the pass line bet. To make this bet, walk up to any craps table and place your chips right in front of you on “The Pass Line”. Then after a point has been rolled, make sure you put at least double your bet outside of that line in front of you, so your new bet, called your odds bet should precede your pass line bet. It’ll be out of the lines, and it’ll pay better than the previous bet. So much better in fact that it’s considered the best bet in the entire casino.


That in and of itself is enough information to get you started playing free craps online, or playing for real money. The next thing you want to learn is that any bet in the middle of the table is considered a sucker bet. That doesn’t mean they don’t ever hit, or that they’re not a lot of fun to place, but… suckers bets they are. That includes field bets, which are among the most popular bets on the table.