Rocky Casino Slots

Rocky Slots is an online slot machine game that features 5 spinning reels and 25 pay lines to bet on. The game was designed and developed by Playtech, one of the designers of gambling games online.


A player betting the maximum possible amount (250 coins) is eligible for the machines maximum jackpot of 100000 coins. Coin sizes range from 1 penny to as high as $2. So if a player wanted to bet the maximum of $2 on each of the $25 lines, that player would be making a $50 bet each spin.


For the best odds of winning, you’ll want to be sure you’re playing every single one of those 25 lines, so to adjust the price per spin, you’ll want to increase or decrease the coin size, not the amount of lines per spin. The same goes for any other online or land based slot machine.


Rocky features a wild symbol, a scatter symbol and a free spin symbol.


Rocky, also known as Sylvester Stallone is the wild symbol. This symbol substitutes for every other symbol, with the exception of the scatter symbol.


Players must spin a bonus symbol on both the 1st and 5th reels at the same time to trigger the machines bonus. Once the bonus level begins, players can choose their opponent, choices include; Clubber Lang, Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago. You win bonuses just the same way Rocky wins paydays in the movies, by winning rounds.